Malaysia sludge dryer installation site

The sludge dryer ordered by a Malaysian customer from our company has been installed. With the acceleration of urbanization, the problem of sludge treatment has become increasingly prominent. In order to solve this problem, many companies began to introduce sludge dryers. However, how to install these devices correctly and safely to ensure their long-term stable operation has become an important issue.


Difficulty 1: Equipment infrastructure construction

Solution: Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that the foundation concrete is flat and in accurate position. Any slight deviation may cause the equipment to operate erratically, affecting its performance and lifespan. Additionally, the footbolts must be tightened to avoid any form of loosening.

Difficulty 2: Smoothness of equipment installation

Solution: When installing, make sure the device is securely placed. The feeding end should be slightly higher than the discharging end, but the angle should not be too large, otherwise it may cause the material drying time to be too short or the material to be raised too little, resulting in a waste of heat energy. To prevent this, anti-slip brackets should be installed for fixation.

Difficulty three: stand-alone equipment debugging and linkage debugging

Solution: During the single-machine equipment debugging stage, it is necessary to debug and perform performance testing on the parameters of all supporting equipment on the fully automatic sludge drying equipment production line. This includes testing and recording of air volume, wind direction, temperature and other parameters. Only when all parameters are normal, the device can perform linkage debugging of multiple devices. At this stage, data such as the inlet and outlet temperature, the speed of airflow entering the dryer, and the local resistance of each part are mainly observed. Measurement of these data is critical for correcting parameters in formal production operations to achieve predetermined water evaporation capabilities.

To sum up, the installation of fully automatic sludge drying equipment is a complex process and needs to be carried out in strict accordance with regulations. Only in this way can we ensure that the output and drying effect of the equipment are optimal, which not only brings economic benefits to the enterprise, but also contributes to environmental protection.


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