Shanxi Qinshui coal slime dryer installation project was successfully completed

Recently, with the successful completion of the installation project of an advanced coal slime dryer ordered by a Shanxi customer, our company has another successful case in the coal slime drying project. This set of coal slime dryer equipment adopts advanced energy-saving and emission reduction technology, aiming to improve coal slime utilization, reduce environmental pollution, and inject new impetus into the green development of industry.


During the installation process, the engineering team strictly followed the drawings to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. First, the inner structure and inner seams of the drum, the outer circumferential seams of the drum and the insulation frame were welded and reinforced to ensure the stability of the equipment during operation. At the same time, the belt conveyor support has been reinforced to withstand the weight and vibration of the equipment during operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the insulation performance of the equipment, the engineering team insulated the drum and installed an insulation frame. This move helps reduce heat loss and improves equipment operating efficiency. During the installation process, all welding joints were reinforced to ensure the safety of the equipment during use.

After the installation work is completed, the finishing work begins. Clean and apply anti-corrosion paint on the surface of the equipment to extend the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment is debugged and tested to ensure its normal operation. During the debugging process of the belt conveyor, the engineering team conducted a comprehensive inspection of various performance indicators of the equipment to ensure that it met the design requirements. 


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