Continuous Charcoal Plant

  • Capacity: 600-3000 kg/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Suitable to carbonize coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, hemp pole, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, coffee residue, palm shell, peanut shell and sunflower seed shell, etc.


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Continuous Charcoal Plant Introduction

Biomass two-layer continuous drum Charcoal Plant is used to process coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, hemp, sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, fungus residue, medicinal residue, furfural residue, coffee grounds, palm shell, peanut It is a special carbonization equipment for dry distillation and oxygen-free carbonization of small carbon-containing wood materials such as shell sunflower seed shells under high temperature conditions in the carbonization machine.

Continuous Carbonization Machine Working principle

Biomass two-layer continuous drum Charcoal Plant is a professional equipment for continuous high-temperature heating and carbonization of biomass under anaerobic and oxygen-deficient conditions. It is composed of a two-layer drum structure mode, a combustible gas purification device, an external heating furnace for the carbonization machine, a feeding conveyor, a cooling charcoal discharger and a control system. The biomass is transported by the conveyor into the inner drum, and the waste heat in the furnace is used to dry and preheat the material to 200-250 °C, and then enter the outer drum for high temperature carbonization. Carbon monoxide, methane, ethane and other combustible gases produced in the carbonization process are separated from wood tar, wood acid, water and ash through the flue gas purification system to obtain pure combustible gases, and the wind is sent to the external heating furnace of the carbonization machine for full combustion. The carbonization temperature is generally controlled at 700-800 ° C, the carbonized products are discharged through the water-cooled charcoal machine, and the carbonization ignition is carried out by the preheating wood powder burner (or gasifier, natural gas burners) to supply heat.

Continuous Charcoal Plant Advantages

1. The material has strong adaptability. Biomass with moisture less than 20% and particle size less than 30mm can be carbonized;
2. The carbon products are of good quality and high carbonization rate. Carbon products can not only be used as fuel charcoal, hookah charcoal, but also as raw material for metallurgical carbon and activated carbon;
3. Strong ability to control the depth of carbonization. The residual content of volatile matter in carbon products is 10-25%, which can be controlled on demand;
4. The equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, with stable operation and long service life. Choose a large number of new materials and new processes, adopt patented technology design, precision production, after a lot of practical tests, every detail is the pursuit of perfection, to ensure the quality of each set of equipment.


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Model Output(kg/h) Drum diameter(mm) Drum length(m) Dimensions(m) Drum speed(r/min)
JTTJ1010 100-200 1000 10 10.0*1.7*2.8 1.5-2.5
JTTJ1210 200-300 1200 10 10.0*2.0*3.0 1.5-2.5
JTTJ1410 400-500 1400 10 10.0*2.2*3.2 1.5-2.5
JTTJ1612 600-800 1600 12 10.0*2.4*3.5 2.0-3.0
JTTJ1912 900-1100 1900 12 12.0*2.8*3.8 2.0-3.0
JTTJ2212 1200-1500 2200 12 12.0*3.2*4.2 2.0-3.0
JTTJ2512 1600-2000 2500 12 12.0*3.5*4.5 2.0-3.0
JTTJ3012 2200-2600 3000 12 12.0*4.0*5.0 2.0-3.0
JTTJ3612 3000-3800 3600 12 12.0*4.6*5.6 2.0-3.0



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